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A Day in the Life of an HAES Fitness Trainer
Advice for Loved Ones with Eating Disorders
Am I Overexercising?
American Psychiatric Association Practice Guidelines
Anatomy of a Food Addiction
Anorexia Nation
Anorexia Nervosa: 11 Areas of Advancement
Are Weight-Loss Programs Effective?
Assessing Readiness and Motivation for Change: Challenges and Practical Advice
Athletes and Eating Disorders: Some Ramifications of the NCAA Study, An Interview with Dr. Pauline Powers
Basic Facts About Eating Disorders
Betwixt and Be’Tween: Puberty and Body Image
Big Fat Lies
Binge Eating and Substance Abuse
Black-and-White vs. Rainbow Thinking
Body Dysmorphia
Body Image: Learning to Like Your Looks and Yourself
Body Wars Table of Contents
Bone Loss in Anorexia Nervosa: Mechanisms and Treatment Options
Boys at Risk
Brothers and Sisters: How They Can Help You Recover
Building Resilience to Eating Disorders in Boys
Bulimia & Your Teeth
Bulimia Nervosa: Working Toward Better Definitions of Remission and Relapse
Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery Table of Contents
Can medication help in recovery?
Caring for the Caregivers: Focusing on the Family in Treatment
Childhood Risk Factors for Preoccupation with Thinness: What Your Father Thinks Counts
Choosing a Therapist
Chronic Eating Disorders in Midlife
Coping with Stressful Family Meals Patients, Parents & Therapist Around the Table
Dangers of Anorexia
Defining Purging Disorder in Practice
Defining What if Means to Be “Recovered”
Disturbance in the Self: A Source of Eating Disorders
Do I have an Eating Disorder?
Don’t Diet, Live-it!
Eating Disorder Statistics
Eating Disorders Among Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals
Eating Disorders and Self-Harm: A Chaotic Intersection
Eating Disorders as a Source of Meaning, Religion, and Ritual
Eating Disorders at Middle Age, Part 1
Eating Disorders at Middle Age, Part 2
Eating Disorders High Among Military Women
Eating Disorders Multifamily Therapy Group: Capitalizing on the Healing Power of Relationships
Eating Problems after Bariatric Surgery
Editorial: 20 Years of Exciting Growth in the Eating Disorders Field        Just Added
Ethical Conflicts in the Care of Anorexia Nervosa Patients
Evolving Treatments for Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa: The Role of Families in Recovery
Exercising to the Extreme
Expand Your Definition of Beauty
Experts: Male Eating Disorders on Rise
The Family on the Front Lines
Far-Reaching Effects of Sexual Abuse
Fat is NOT JUST a Feminist Issue Anymore
Father Hunger
Father Hunger: Table of Contents
Fathers: A Potential Antidote to the “If Only I Were Skinny” Fantasy
Finding the Needle in the Haystack of Eating Disorders Care-Providers
Five Stages of Lifelong Recovery
Getting Coverage for Eating Disorder Treatment
Help! I’m a College Freshman
Herbal Agents Used by Eating Disorder Patients
Herbal Products: Balancing the Good and Bad
House Bill Aims to Raise Eating Disorder Awareness
How do I know if I have bulimia?
How do I learn to eat correctly?
How does bulimia affect my relationships?
How Effective Are Internet-Based Programs For Preventing Eating Disorders
How is bulimia related to sexual trauma?
How long does it take to get better?
How should I choose a therapist?
How to Know When a Young Athlete’s Exercise Is a Problem
How to Stop Abusing Laxatives
Identity, Passion, and Eating Disorders
If I quit purging, will I gain weight?
Impact of Bulimia Nervosa on Pregnancy
Integrating Dialectical Behavior Therapy Into Exposure Therapy for Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Integrating Treatment Interventions: Five Points to Enhance Clinical Practice, Part 1
Integrating Treatment Interventions: Five Points to Enhance Clinical Practice, Part 2
Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Offers Flexibility, Individual Attention
Interventions & Eating Disorders: Part 2, Taking Action
Involuntary Treatment of Patients with Eating Disorders
Is it the same as anorexia nervosa?
Live Large
Making Up for Lost Time: Resuming the Path to Maturity After an Eating Disorder
Males & Body Image Issues
Males and Eating Disorders
Medical Symptons and Complications Associated with Anorexia
Medical Symptons and Complications Associated with Bulimia
Medication for Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
Men now falling victim to eating disorders – article
Mentoring as an Essential Component of Recovery        Just Added
Monitoring Appetite Instead of Food May Reduce Food Preoccupation
National Conference Aims to Increase Awareness of Eating Disorders
New Directions and Challenges Ahead for Eating Disorders
Night Eating Syndrome: A Unique Eating Disorder
Nourishing Connections: Controlling Your Biology versus Honoring Your Hunger
Normailizing Eating with a Food Plan
Nutrition Care for Clients with Diabetes and An Eating Disorder
Nutrition Hotline – Determining a ‘Healthy Weight’
Nutrition Hotline – Finding a Healthy Meal Plan
Nutrition Hotline – Low Carb Diets
One Mind at a Time: Talking Back to the Media
Osteoporosis and Eating Disorders
Osteoporosis in Men
Panel Examines Risk for Eating Disorders Throughout the Life Cycle
Pictures of Anorexia or Bulimia and Pro Bulimia Websites
Pictures of Bulimia or Anorexia and Pro Anorexia Websites
Pictures of Eating Disorders and Pro Eating Disorder Websites
Pictures of People with Eating Disorders and Pro Eating Disorder Websites
Possible Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa in Athletes
Possible Symptoms of Bulimia and/or Other Disordered Eating in Athletes
Predicting the Onset of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
Preschool Lesson Plan
Pregnancy and Eating Disorders
Prematurity, Birth Trauma Linked to Risk of Bulimia
Psychosocial Treatment of Binge Eating Disorder: An Update
Reasons most weight-loss programs don’t stand a chance
Recent Research on Bulimia Nervosa
Recognizing and Responding to Binge Eating in Children
Recovery is Charactor Building
Regaining Weight in a Healthy Way
Relapse Prevention: Once Is Enough
Revising the Diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa Will Improve Patient Care
Saving Your Teeth: First, Reconsider When to Brush
Serotonin: Implications for the Etiology & Treatment of Eating Disorders
Signs and Symptoms of Unhealthy or Unbalanced Exercise in Competitive Athletes
Small Book Fills Big Need for Children
Soul Lessons: Finding the Meaning of Life
Steps in Choosing the Right Treatment Facility
Surviving Holiday Meals
The Beginner’s Guide to Eating Disorder Recovery
The Causes of Eating Disorders
The Death of Nasogastric Tube Feeding
The Hunger for Unconditional Love
The Low-Carbohydrate Way to Heart Disease
The Many Faces of Perfectionism
The Transition Phase of Treatment: A New Model – Part 1. Beginning at the Beginning
Thomas Holbrook in the New York Times
Top Ten Reasons to Give Up Dieting
Treatment for Adolescents and Young Children
Treatment Transitions: Improving Patient Recovery Through Effective Collaboration
What Are Electrolytes?
What are the medical dangers?
What can be done to prevent eating disorders?
What can I do to help someone who has bulimia?
What do her behaviors mean?
What does it feel like to binge-vomit?
What is a typical binge?
What is Anorexia?
What is Bulimia?
What other behaviors do bulimics share?
What special issues are faced by men with bulimia?
What thoughts and feelings are associated with it?
Why and How to Give Yourself Permission to Eat Anything
Why are bulimics mainly women?
Why do people become bulimic
When Someone with an Eating Disorder Refuses Help
Why do People Become Anorexic?
Why Do People Become Bulimic?
Working With a Coach During Eating Disorders Recovery
Yoga and Health at Every Size



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