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Eating Disorder Links

About Face
Combats negative and distorted images of women.
After the Diet
Provides a spectrum of products and services for individuals with eating problems related to stress, trauma, and similar problems, and for the professionals who help them.
American Society of Bariatric Physicians
Information on obesity and treatment options from a professional association of physicians who specialize in this area.
Art Therapy & Eating Disorders
Information about the application of art therapy in working with individuals who have eating disorders.
Balanced Weight Management
Discover how to become your own lifestyle self-manager as you cultivate twelve essential skills that create life-long well-being, a healthy weight, and a more vibrant friskiness.
Beyond Hunger
Beyond Hunger is a non-profit organization that provides workshops, support groups, prevention programs and referrals for adults and teens struggling with eating disorders and body hatred.
Body Image Works, Inc.
Promotes healthy body image through creative educational resource materials.
Body Positive
From leaders in the size acceptance field, this page has information and links ranging from self-help to scientific, with forums, professional resources, facts about children and weight, and activism page, and more.
Bulimia Help
Bulimia help provides a wide range of information about Bulimia Nervosa and food restriction.
Caring Online
A great website with lots of information on it.
Center for Counseling & Health Resources, Inc.
A Place of Hope Counseling, Nutritional Supplements, and FREE Reports for those suffering from Eating Disorders
The Center for Healthy Living
Welcome to the Center for Healthy Living’s Eating Disorder Resource Guide, your complete source for learning about eating disorders and the many treatments available.
Diets Don’t Work, Break Aweigh from Disordered Eating
Diet Survivors Newsletter
Free monthly advice, based on principles of cognitive therapy, for anyone who is tired of dieting or tired of having “food issues.”
Eating Disorder Expert
Contains articles written by experts who continually update and add new content.
Eating Disorder Hope
Offering hope, support, and encouragement to those suffering from eating disorders and their loved ones.
Eating Disorder Network of Central Maryland
EDN is to provides a support network, resources, education, and access to treatment for Maryland families.
Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center
Gives referrals to eating disorder specialists, treatment facilities and support groups, etc.
Eating Disorder Jobs
The most comprehensive online employment board dedicated to the field of eating disorders.
The Eating Disorders Professional League of Michigan
Referral service for eating disorder rescources in Michigan.
Eating Disorders Recovery Online
Online treatment consultations (for a fee) and message boards are provided, along with basic information.
Eating Disorders Site
Facts, personal testimonies and stories, poetry, links to other pages, book reviews, online support and more.
ED Media Group
A group to educate people on eating distress in Ireland.
The New York Center for Eating Disorders offers supportive resources to help you declare peace with emotional eating.
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous
An international fellowship of men and women who have experienced difficulties in life as a result of the way we eat.
Food and Feelings Message Board
Karen Koenig’s message board for The Food and Feelings Workbook
Freedom From Eating Disorders
Freedom From Eating Disorders offers encouragement, inspiration and practical recovery helps to those with eating disorders.
Friendly Mirrors
Information and support regarding healthy eating attitudes, weight cycling, and various eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating.
Healthy Weight Network
Devoted to presenting the truth about weight-loss gimmicks, this page has facts about eating and weight and is a media watchdog determined to rid the world of fad diets.
Jessie’s Wish
A 501(c)3 organization to help educate about eating disorders and raise funds to help with financial assistance when there is inadequate or no health insurance available.
Support, inspiration, education and treatment opportunities for people with eating disorders and those who love them. Contains: articles, literature research references, links, recovery bill of rights, opportunity to Q & A, over 700 treatment facilities listed.
The Joy Project
A non-profit, grassroots organization based on the philosophy of using real-world, workable solutions to end the epidemic of eating disorders.
Keep Coming Back
A free website created to help people in recovery from alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, compulsive gambling, and smoking.
Laurie Daily: Music for Eating Disorder Awareness
Listen to clips of Laurie’s CD. All the songs on Laurie’s CD relate to her recovery from an eating disorder. You can get the CD here at Gurze.
A website of a bulimic in recovery after a twenty-three year battle with the disease. It includes a community sharing area where people can ask questions, post comments or words of encouragement
A helpful resource for families of adolescents with AN and BN
Men with Eating Disorders
For men suffering or recovering from eating disorders. There is also a section devoted to advocacy and legislative reform.
Definitions, Signs and Symptoms, Physical Dangers, specific info on athletes, men and children with Eating Disorders, relapse warning signs and much more.
Resources and information about eating disorders by author and clinical psychologist Sari Shepphird, Ph.D.
All the information you could need on Bulimia, Anorexia, Binge/Purge and Compulsive Overeating including facts, statistics, and stories of different people (famous and well-known people) who have suffered with an eating disorder of some kind.
MyEDHelp offers a wide variety of articles on a broad range of topics to help you along your way to recovery and much more.
Online, interactive, self-help programs and resources for people suffering from eating disorders, depression, and related problems. Programs enhance therapy, establish a sense of community among subscribers, and change daily with user feedback, program enhancements, and new information.
Normal Eating
The website of The Rules of “Normal” Eating and The Food and Feelings Workbook author Karen R. Koenig, LCSW, M.Ed.
Normal Eating Lens
Karen Koenig’s lens on
This site focuses on nondiet work, attuned eating, joyful movement, and self/size acceptance. Includes articles and the latest research on dieting, obesity, and more.
A PBS documentary airing on February 24, 2003, Perfect Illusions: Disorders and the Family, hosted by Lauren Hutton, will focus on the role of the family in the evolution and treatment of, and recovery from eating disorders.
Recovery Resources Online
Recovery links and resources
Sacred Hunger
Mission is to offer Real Fulfillment for Women Who Eat, Diet, Spend, Give or Do Too Much.
The Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders
Signs and Symptoms, Physical Dangers, Definitions, Words for Victims Sufferings, Family and Friends Bulletin Board, Treatment Options, Links to other sites and much more.
Suite 101
Articles, blog entries and polls making this an up-to-date source of inspiration, hope and information. This is a community of support where people can seek helpand have their questions answered.
Traveller and Companion
An Examination of a Psychological Illness as a Coping Mechanism, and it’s Underlying Issues
Treating the Dieting Casualty
Three-day workshop for health, mental health and education professionals teaches Ellyn Satter’s powerful, step-by-step method for healing the pain of disordered eating, teaching emotionally healthy, positive, orderly and joyful eating.
Weight Wisdom
Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, LMHC the author of Weight Wisdom: Affirmations to Free You From Food and Body Concerns is a therapist who also does consulting and clinical training.
Women In Recovery from Eating Disorders(WIRED)
The Women In Recovery from Eating Disorders (WIRED) Foundation is a unique nonprofit 501(3)c organization* for those individuals, their families and friends whose lives have been affected by eating disorders.
A website devoted to the book “You Are Not Alone” featuring a monthly e newsletter, a support forum, and more.

International Links

Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria

An online project that provides a chatroom and messageboard for people living with an eating disorder. Fully-moderated, recovery focused site, and a very safe place to connect with people who are on the road to recovery.



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