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news : anorexia in BBC

  • News – Health – Anorexia linked to child dancers . Last updated: 26 Dec 2004Last Updated: Sunday, 26 December, 2004, 00:38 GMT Anorexia linked to child dancers A sign of problems ahead? Just under two-thirds of the women said they had danced when they were children.

  • News – Health – Child anorexia ‘needs action’ . Last updated: 17 Jun 2003Anecdotal evidence suggests the problem is getting worse among children and adolescents. Anorexia is a complicated condition which are there are lots of causes of.”

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  • Anorexia is like suicide, if you’re pregnant it’s like murder’Not just anorexia, but the years of bullemia as well. Mentally, I prepared myself that I would never have children.

  • Leicester – Local Radio – Click of the DayThey support orphanages in Kampala and a house for street children in Mbarara, in the South West and help with education for refugee children near Lira, in the North of Uganda, an area…/click_of_the_day_feature.shtml

  • Headroom – Ruby’s Room: Anorexia – Accessible versionSo this week we are talking about anorexia, which is short for anorexia nervosa. Matthew: Well when I was a child, I was a happy little child until my parents…

  • News – London – Girls aged seven ‘have anorexia . Last updated: 19 Sep 2006Dr Jon Goldin said cases of anorexia and related conditions were “very rare” in such young children, but had been seen over 20 years at the hospital.

  • News – Wales – Wales set for first anorexia unit . Last updated: 7 Apr 2005Any child that goes to the doctor showing anorexic tendencies should be dealt with by an anorexia specialist.

  • Birmingham – tyi extra – Life for Lorna after anorexiaLorna and her family talk of her recovery from anorexia.. Do you think the epilepsy is linked to the anorexia?

  • CBBC Newsround – What’s a healthy look?Sophia, 11, Barnstaple I think models that skinny should we banned as they set a bad example to children and a child might risk there life to copy that look.…/6298325.stm

  • News – Talking Point – School dinners: Should kids have the choice? Your reaction . Last updated: 15 Oct 1998It is our responsibility to care for and train our children. Then the question is: do we wish children to eat healthily, or do we wish to swan off into a “child‘s right to choose” debate?


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