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PICKY EATERS ARTICLES : How to make picky eaters eat

  • 1 of 18by Erin Kathleen

    Getting my 4 year old daughter to eat has been one of the biggest challenges I have had to face so far with her. She has been a picky eater since day one, by refusing to eat most baby foods. I tried out every possible way …read more

  • 2 of 18by Tamika Gardner

    Dealing with a picky eating toddler is not easy, especially if their eating habits were not built on a healthy foundation. So how can you get your toddler to accept other foods besides pizza and cupcakes? The most importa…read more

  • 3 of 18by Mary J. Hamilton

    If you are a parent with a picky child, you know the battle of getting a child to sit down and eat the meal you have prepared. Parents have tried everything from bribes to telling them the child they can’t leave the tab…read more

  • 4 of 18by kinnabari

    Trying to “make” a child eat is not a wise idea. I’d say a picky eater is very rarely being difficult in order to spite or get attention; quite a few children are genuinely intimidated by foods that look, smell, or taste …read more

  • 5 of 18by Amanda Hyatt

    ‘Making’ children eat is about the worst thing you can do. It’ll put them off food for life. OK – so I just want to make it clear that we’re not talking about childhood anorexia. I presume we’re talking about fussy, finni…read more

  • 6 of 18by Tamara Richards

    My friend said that when she was a child her mother forced her to eat her meal one night and when she refused, she was given the same meal over and over again until she ate it. I could hear the ache in her voice when she …read more

  • 7 of 18by JR Bennet

    I am about to become a stepmother to a three-year-old who weighs a mere 25 pounds. He has never been forced, or prompted, to neither eat healthily nor try new things. The first thing I suggested when I was comfortable enou…read more

  • 8 of 18by Stephanie Jordan

    You can not make a picky eater eat. No you can’t. But you can it more attractive to eat than not to eat. I know from time to time we all feel that we have difficult children, but let me tell you I had one of the most st…read more

  • 9 of 18by Patti Winters

    When you have a child who is a picky eater, it can make for a stressful household. It is up to you as the parent to provide a nutritious and appetizing meal for your child. This isn’t always easy. The child will go through…read more

  • 10 of 18by Claire Connolly

    Just about every child goes through a stage where they become picky eaters. For some, this lasts til adulthood and can become a major bone of contention between parent and child. It is important not to try and force …read more

  • 11 of 18by Bryce Capodieci

    Using different methods on your kids to get them to eat! Kids by nature are picky eaters. They don’t always know, care or understand that eating a balanced diet is important for their growth both physically and mentally. …read more

  • 12 of 18by Edyta Tehrani

    Every child goes through a season of being “picky”, however I think it would be a mistake for parents to go along with it. Have you ever tried to entertain with food somebody who “doesn’t eat this” and “doesn’t eat that”?…read more

  • 13 of 18by Sandy McPhee

    Picky eaters can be frustrating for everyone. As a parent you are concerned that your child is not getting enough, as a child you are frustrated that your parents are makiing you eat things that you do not want or like. …read more

  • 14 of 18by Laura fanfare

    Every family has one, they ruin many a parent’s meal by complaining and whining, no matter what you cook they are going to find fault with it. I recently went through this with my 3 1/2 year old. He would tell me he was h…read more

  • 15 of 18by Pamela Sawyers

    Its not as hard as alot of people try to make it.The first step-Leval the playing field.Remove most but not all temptation.Remember just because something taste good that doesn’t mean its bad for …read more

  • 16 of 18by Jennifer Dickey

    I was a picky eater growing up. Not so much out of petulance, moreso because my mother wasn’t the most diverse chef. If she didn’t eat it, she didn’t make it. So naturally when I grew up and got married my skills were l…read more

  • 17 of 18by Joel Hiller

    Rationally speaking with your child and requiring them to at least try new foods may work well with those who are old enough to speak, but what about children who have outgrown baby food but do not yet talk? My son is al…read more

  • 18 of 18by Erica English

    I am the mother of one very picky eleven-year old and one NOT picky at all three year old. The dichotomy can be quite amusing sometimes and extremely frustrating at others. The eleven year old would always eat pizza if gi…read more


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