Posted by: Indonesian Children | August 28, 2009

Exploring Feeding Difficulties in Children: The Generosity of Acceptance: Volume 1

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Volume I of an edited collection that examines feeding difficulties and eating disorders in children and adolescents. Volume I concentrates on feeding difficulties in children from as young as five months. It consists of clinical cases that describe the process of psychoanalytic psychotherapy used to treat the patients. The contributors look at the underlying causes for the disorders and the profound effects on the patients and their families and friends.


‘Many cases describe the anxieties and strategies of defence used against feelings of dependence and the risk of accepting from another. This is a core theme in both volumes and is the principal idea behind the paradoxical title, The Generosity of Acceptance. This title applies primarily to the struggle of some patients to accept from another, to become dependent on another, but it also refers to the need of clinicians to accept generously the sometimes violent projections of their patients. The gift of help often involves a risk of rejection, and the chapters in these two volumes vividly describe the courage and generosity it takes to persevere with patients suffering from serious eating disorders.’
From the Introduction

Contributors to Volume I include Stephen Briggs, Maria Antionetta Catena, Mariangela Medes de Almeida Pinheiro , Lynda Miller, Selina Perocevic, Maria Rhode



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